Consumer Direct – are we missing something?!

Consumer Direct is a government-funded service set up to advise consumers of our rights.

They liven up this process with a series of slapstick photos of people in consumer-disaster situations, such as this guy whose jumper seems to have shrunk, a woman whose blender exploded and a man whose steering wheel came off:

cd2.gif cd3.gif

Reader Laura wrote in to point out that the image Consumer Direct chose for their “after you buy” advice section is inexplicably a woman with a construction workers’ helmet on, ear protection and… a bra?! What’s the consumer disaster?!


As Laura points out:

Why a woman in a bra? How does that relate to anything?

Is it meant to represent something, or could they just not bring themselves to put together a whole site without a ubiquitous woman-in-her-underwear shot?

The only thing that springs to mind is the old saw, about stealing the shirt off someone’s back. But if that’s it, why the construction worker’s gear?!