Guest post: Feminism in London 2009

Less than two weeks to go until Feminism in London 2009, Yasmin Eshref talks through what the event is about and what to expect.

FiL09.gifThis year, Saturday 10 October is a very special day. London’s Conway Hall will play home to the second ever annual Feminism in London event.

What is Feminism in London? Primarily it is what the name implies it to be, though I must mention that the FiL committee will not just be representing the woman-power we’ve got going on in the capital, but will also provide a platform for a range of global, historical and ethical issues, as well as those we have on our doorstep here in Blighty.

The day will centre around a series of workshops and talks, hosted by plenty of prolific feminist icons including Susie Orbach, Beatrix Campbell and Denise Marshall, alongside empowerment- groups such as The Southall Black Sisters. The full line-up of speakers can be seen at the Feminism in London website ( but suffice to say, the speakers consist of a wide range of women, from those who are survivors of rape, prostitution and child abuse to those who have campaigned relentlessly for women’s and/or human rights issues.

There will also be women present who have founded some of the most important female events and/or charities of our time, flanking with women who have struggled with (but survived) single motherhood, the pay gap and countless other misogynistic injustices. The range of topics affecting our speakers are all covered in the day’s workshops, which consist of the following:

  • Racism and sexism: what are the issues for black and minority ethnic women?
  • “It’s easy out here for a pimp” anti-porn slideshow
  • What are the issues for pro feminist men?
  • Feminist self-defence and assertiveness training
  • What’s wrong with prostitution?
  • Raising children in the age of porn
  • No recourse to public funds
  • Commanding the camera and setting the agenda: media training with camera
  • Poverty and motherhood: how society undervalues women’s work
  • Rape and Sexual Violence
  • Power in Bed
  • Activism training: how to run a successful campaign

Synopsis’ of the workshops can be found on the aforementioned website, though why not find out for yourself what we’re all about by popping along to the event, arguably one of the most important feminist events of the year in its concentrated activism. Whether you are male or female, young or old, Londoner or not, or even someone who is undecided on your stance on feminism, please do come and get involved with us, you may just find yourself walking away from FiL feeling empowered, informed and encouraged by the positive, pro-woman stance of the London Feminists team.

Feminism in London will be held at Conway Hall, Holborn (WCIR 4RL) on Saturday 10 October from 9:30am- 5pm. Details of the event can be found at and

For more information please email [email protected]

[Ed note: Jess will be there as an official photographer on the day, so come say hi! There will also be a feminist tweet-up, organised by sometimes guest poster at The F-Word Charlotte Cooper after the event, at nearby pub The Perseverance, 63 Lamb’s Conduit St. Come stop by and say hello, whether you’re on Twitter or not :-)]