It’s only 10.20 and already my brain hurts…

Check out this ridiculous quote from an article in today’s Guardian on financial firms’ use of brothels and lap dancing clubs:

Nichola Pease, who runs the fund manager JO Hambro, told the committee that equality legislation in Britain was preventing women from getting the top jobs in the City. She said that many firms were scared of hiring women because penalties for successful sex discrimination claims were unlimited.

So how about they don’t practice sex discrimination and sexual harassment then?!

The main focus of the article is the need to tackle the macho, sexist culture of the banking world in order to increase women’s participation. (Which I think is a worthwhile cause, but simply enabling a very small minority of women to access high paying jobs isn’t going to address the wider issue of the gap between rich and poor – which affects a far greater number of women – that is so obviously reflected in the City’s greed and bonus culture.)

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