Mass Lobby of Parliament to End Violence Against Women

Amnesty International have organised a mass labby of parliament on Wednesday November 4th to push for a comprehensive end violence against women strategy:

The UK Government is obliged to protect, respect and fulfil women’s human rights. As the 2010 general election is coming up and a change of government is possible, all political parties must address violence against women.

We need you to join hundreds of others in talking to your MP about the urgent need for an end violence against women strategy that ensures the same support and protection for all women – regardless of their immigration status.

At the moment, women who are of vulnerable immigration status have no recourse to public funds – so they cannot access refuges and have nowehere to go if they suffer violence. This must be overturned in order to ensure that all women in Britain have support services available to them. Find out more about the No Recourse to Public Funds rule.

Click here for details on how to get involved.