New blog by feminists with disabilities.

FWD/Forward (feminists with disabilities for a way forward) is a group blog written by a crew of (mostly US and Australian) feminists with disabilities who are interested in exploring the intersection between feminism and disability rights activism. Launched on October 6, the blog will include:

* A disability kindy (pre-101) series for people who are new to disability rights activism

* Disability 101 for kindy graduates

* A series of basic intersectionality posts specifically for feminists who are new to disability issues

* Consciousness-raising posts about identifying as a person with disabilities

* Discussions about how people without disabilities and feminists without disabilities in particular interact with people with disabilities

* Disability news quick-hits on ongoing disability issues in the news

* Link roundups featuring disability news and writing on disability issues from around the Internet

* Discussions about the language of disability rights activism, from differing terminology used internationally to the specific language used by individual groups which advocate for disability rights

* Posts about the disproportionate amount of sexual, physical, and social abuse targeted at women with disabilities

* Posts about people with invisible disabilities and mental illnesses and challenges unique to those groups

* Posts about the relationship between disability rights activism, social policy, and the law

* Discussions of how to be an ally to feminists with disabilities


The blog looks extremely comprehensive and well-organised and the latest post, which explains why disability is a feminist issue, might be a good place to start if you’re new to the subject.

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