First Weekenders Club x2

Two films by female film-makers are out in the UK tomorrow – Birds Eye View highlights films and encourages those interested in support women in the film industry to see them in the first weekend they’re showing.

One of the films, a hip hop and grime musical, 1 Day, directed by Penny Woolcock, has been at the centre of some controversy after Birmingham police intervention led to all the city’s cinemas refusing to screen it.

BEV interviewed Woolcock:

I have no idea whether the police were under some sinister political pressure or whether they have decided to set themselves up as arbiters of what films we are allowed to see. The film has a 15 certificate!! It is far less violent than any Hollywood film or video game.

Sadly I think there is only one explanation. Racism. They are afraid of allowing young black people to gather to watch a film.

Also out tomorrow is Bright Star by Jane Campion – I interviewed the producer Jan Chapman last week about the film, which will be up along with a review as soon as I can get the time to write it :-)