Gift ideas from The F Word shop!

Hi readers

As the festive season approaches (sorry, sorry, I know it’s only November), we’d like to remind you about our F Word shop (more background here).

If you click through from our links and then buy books, Amazon gives us a little bit of money for each purchase. We can use this to help develop the website and give to women’s charities.

(Of course, if you don’t want to use Amazon you can always choose to buy from one of the following independent stores:

Housmans (London)

News From Nowhere (Liverpool)

Word Power (Edinburgh)

Cath Tate Direct (online only – was Womensstore, sell feminist-themed nik-naks)

I thought I would offer a few suggestions to give you some ideas if you’re looking for feminist-themed presents to buy for people! Some of the books we’ve listed in the shop are out of print, but we’ve kept them in because we like them or think they’re important (also you can often get second hand versions from other sellers).

So, we have diaries and calendars: for the old-school among you how about We’Moon 2010 or if you speak German how about this intriguing sounding Queer feministischer Taschenkalender 2010?


I recently finished reading, and would recommend Word Warriors, an amazing, inspirational and moving collection of women spoken word artists and their work, including Alix Olsen, Sarah Jones and Michelle Tea and Julia Serano.

We have some more recently published books on feminism as well as some old classics.


We have suggestions for children and young people including Girls will be Boys will be Girls will be…, or how about one of Studio Ghibli’s animations featuring strong female characters, like Laputa: Castle in the Sky.


We have comics and graphic novels listed, such as the award winning Fun Home by Alison Bechdel.

Anyway, I won’t go on as you can browse the store and see for yourself!

Finally, how about supporting the lovely people at Subtext magazine by buying a subscription?

Feel free to make more suggestions in the comments.

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