Presentation and debate in Bristol tomorrow

As Sian Norris mentioned a couple of weeks ago, in her post about the Representations of Women in the Media Project , there will be a presentation and debate at the Malcom X Centre in St Pauls in Bristol tomorrow, focussed on the findings. The invitation from Bristol Fawcett states:

Members and friends who have been investigating the ways that girls and women are represented, misrepresented or under-represented in all kinds of media around us will be presenting their findings in a number of brief talks and presentations which will start at 3pm, so please arrive from 2pm to settle in, look at what’s on display, and don’t forget to bring some pennies to buy cakes and tea!

from 3pm:

• Introduction with Bristol Feminist Network and Bristol Fawcett

• Radio

• Film

• Music video

• TV

• Children’s Media

• Magazines

• Black and Minority Ethnic women

• Queer representations

• Sport

• Newspapers

• News (how DV and feminists are presented forming part of this)

• Billboards and advertising

• Media workshops

• Film showing

• Discussion, facilitated by BFN and Fawcett

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