Reclaim the Night Leeds

Reclaim the Night Leeds is taking place on Saturday 28th November. Meet outside Leeds Art Gallery at 6pm for a 6.30pm start. The main march is open to all self-defining women and other supporters are welcome to join the end of the march at approximately 7.10pm outside M&S on Briggate. There will be a post-march reception with talks and stalls, which is open to all. Children are welcome to attend. The aims of the march are:

a. To raise awareness and understanding of rape and sexual violence committed against women and girls. This will include exploding myths around rape and sexual violence and challenging public attitudes towards rape and sexual violence as symbolised by the low rape conviction rate;

b. By publicising the prevalence and effects of rape and sexual violence, provide a platform for campaigning for improved services in the Leeds area, thus striving to make safer and sustainable communities;

c. To build partnerships with national and Leeds based organisations and ensure Reclaim the Night Leeds is citywide;

d. To encourage and promote the participation of all women and work towards encompassing their diversity.

RTN organisers and supporters will be publicising the event on Briggate all day on Saturday 14 November, please do join them if you have some time to spare.

Hope to see some of you on the 28th!