Carnival of Feminists, December 2009

The latest Carnival of Feminists is up at Penny Red. At a time when many people are in a festive mood, it’s encouraging that Penny Red has resisted the temptation to roll out a host of “cheery, unproblematic links and posts celebrating all our gains and pretending all’s right with the world”. Instead, she’s curated a Carnival “full of righteous indignation, intersectionality, rage and renewal”, and more power to her for doing that.

The result is a comprehensive collection of posts which are well worth taking the time to delve into; particular highlights for me include Radical Profeminist’s thought-provoking response to men’s perception of their own ‘suffering’ at the hands of feminism; the politics of being an ally (at Racialious); a survivor of rape describing how the ‘intersectionality of discrimination’ led to the dismissal of her experience by college authorities “because she didn’t resemble the ‘perfect victim’ – in part because she is a woman of colour” (via the Tufts University Survivors of Sexual Violence blog). Also included is a link to the recent guest post here at TFW about how fellow survivors of childhood abuse might find ways of dealing with their experiences during with the holiday season.

While I’m posting about Carnivals, I’d also like to add a reminder that the Seventh Carnival of Feminist Parenting is still current over at Mothers For Women’s Lib with links to articles on reproductive freedom, birth, race, disability and many other topics around the subject of feminist parenting.

Note re. submissions: The next Carnival of Feminists will be held on 6 January, 2010 at Gender Across Borders. The call for submissions is here. To make sure that your post will be considered, please submit it by Tuesday, January 5th.

And the next Carnival of Feminist Parenting will be on 17th January 2010 – the submission deadline for that edition is Sunday 10th January. Further information can be found on the Carnival of Feminist Parenting home page.

30 December: Amended paragraph re. submissions for next Carnival of Feminists – thanks to earwicga in comments for the update.