cedaw.jpgWe missed Convention of the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women’s 30th birthday – definitely deserves more than a mention in this round-up, but for more reading see Gender Masala’s post at IPS.

Also at IPS, an interesting news story about gendered language in Spain vs Italy, in terms of how government ministers are referred to.

Bitch posts that a programme to tackle homophobia in sport has been cut.

Echidne of the Snakes reposts her useful primer on statistics.

Sokari at Black Looks remembers Busi.

A guest blogger at Sociological Images has some fun with the “gender socialisation” stereotypes on the cover of a toy catalogue.

Mexico City legalised same-sex marriage; Melissa at Shakesville posts details, plus photos.

Henrietta Spink highlights how the lack of portability of care packages for disabled people in the UK can keep people trapped in their local authority area. Via Pickled Politics.

A case in Sweden where an unconscious woman was given a gynaecological exam by medical students without her consent is just the tip of the iceburg, reports the Local.

The trailer for The Runaways, a film about fantastic Joan Jett, is out. Via Jezebel:

The Toronto Women’s Bookstore may have to close – Shameless says there are now only 21 women’s bookshops worldwide.

Nerves Strengthened By Tea reviews Tanith Lee’s revisionist fairy tales.

Annalee at io9 reviews Avatar, putting it in context of movies about white guilt.

This post about Rape Culture is a little old now, but worth revisiting.

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