Sponsor a book, or a shelf, at the Glasgow Women’s Library

The fantabulous Glasgow Women’s Library is raising money for its relocation fund right now. As part of this, they’re offering the chance to sponsor a book, a shelf or even a section of the library:

Glasgow Women’s Library is working towards relocation to Glasgow’s prestigious Mitchell Library, where it will re-launch as an accredited national resource in refurbished premises of excellence: a Women’s Library of Scotland. The Women on the Shelf initiative has been set up to raise vital funds for this refurbishment.

Women on the Shelf gives you the chance to dedicate a part of the Women’s Library’s new premises to a woman of your choice, building a living, working tribute to the great women of Scotland, whether that’s someone from the past or making an impact today.

This dedication will be incorporated into the very fabric of the new Women’s Library and recorded in our ‘Book of Dedications’. We will send a certificate to you and to your special woman with a dedication of your choice.

This is a great opportunity to celebrate the women you love and make history at the new Women’s Library. Every penny goes towards our building fund, contributing to the £1.5 million we need to raise.

* For £10 you can sponsor an individual book. Your dedication will be recorded with an Ex Libris in the new Library.

* For £100 anyone can sponsor a shelf and dedicate it to a woman of your choice, recorded forever in our new home.

* For £1,000 an you can sponsor a Library section. The Library will have over 100 sections reflecting a range of issues focussing on women.

You can also sponsor a book or shelf for the Lesbian Archive collection with Lesbians on the Shelf.

See here for more info

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Photo of Glasgow Women’s Library sign by Laura-Elizabeth, shared on Flickr under a Creative Commons license