Feminist year ahead…

The Guardian has briefly rounded up the feminist year ahead today, touching on Million Women Rise, the first Reclaim the Nights of the year, as well as films of interest to feminists.

They also profile some of the books coming out shortly, which includes one by our own Catherine Redfern and Kristin Aune (Reclaiming the F Word: The New Feminist Movement, due out in June). Also, Kat Banyard’s book the Equality Illusion is out on 4 March, and we’ll have a review fairly soon too.

The Guardian highlights an event at the Women’s Library on the life and work of Zora Neale Hurston, marking 50 years since her death, and you can see their whole schedule of events here.

We’re still working on updating our events page for 2010, but what else should we put in it? Email or leave a comment here with events you’re running/have heard about this year, and we’ll add them sharp(ish).

Photo by vincen-t, shared on Flickr under a Creative Commons license

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