Introducing our January guest bloggers

We’ve got a great line up of guest bloggers for 2010; I hope you enjoy their contributions and make them feel welcome! First up are Syma Tariq and Grace Fletcher-Hackwood.

Syma is a freelance journalist based in London and sometimes Paris. She is interested in politics, media, travel and fighting the good fight. Some of her work can be seen on her website.

Grace lives in Manchester and works for an advice agency in Salford:

I have a particular interest in women affected by poverty in the UK, particularly single parents (I’m not one, but was brought up by one). I’m proud to be a member of the Labour Party but never afraid to criticise the government. I have my own blog, and when I’m not working, blogging or leafleting I’m usually baking (vegan), writing (novel) and spending far too much time on Twitter (