Call for Submissions: Ending Violence Against Girls & Young Women

I contacted the Chicago Taskforce to see whether they wanted just Chicago submissions, or whether they would welcome international ones, and their response was, “We are focusing mostly on Chicago, but if there is a particularly exciting approach or project from somewhere else, we are also interested in hearing about it.”

So, if you’re interested, get in touch with them at the email address below.

The Chicago Taskforce on Violence Against Girls & Young Women is pleased to announce a call for contributions to its Occasional Papers series.

We welcome submissions from practitioners, community members, and like-minded allies in academia, and invite you to join us in “translating” knowledge about girls and violence to the general public. In launching the Occasional Papers series about Girls and Violence, we seek to offer relevant, practical, and useful information to the general public about the realities and impact of violence in the lives of young women and girls, innovative programming and approaches, and concrete tools that communities can use to end violence.

We also welcome submissions from girls and young women themselves who want to write about the realities of their lived experiences of violence. The Taskforce defines girls as those under 18 years old and young women as between 18 and 24 years old.

The Taskforce is seeking contributions of case studies, work in progress research papers, special reports, conference reports, and curriculum units on issues of violence against girls and young women. All writings are intended to be useful to those in the field.

We are particularly interested in soliciting work from Chicago practitioners who are engaged in direct service provision and/or grassroots organizing around issues of violence against girls and young women. We want to know about new approaches – what new models are you applying? What has worked and what challenges have you faced?

Violence against girls and young women is pervasive, complex, and cumulative. Individual organizations and individual community members cannot tackle this issue on their own. The Chicago Taskforce on Girls, Young Women and Violence has been founded to serve as a vehicle for addressing the following question: What are the conditions that need to exist locally and statewide to end violence against girls and young women? One of the most important goals of the Taskforce is to reassert community control over the production, documentation, ownership and use of our own information and experiences.

ABSTRACTS WILL BE DUE BY MARCH 31, 2010. Publishing decisions will be made by May 20 by a team of reviewers, for publication in fall 2010. We will work with authors, and respond with comments on submissions. Authors will have an opportunity to review and approve suggested edits. Please note that there will be no compensation for submissions.

Submission Guidelines:

Submission should include: the title of the submission, the author(s) names, an abstract of 250 words, and a brief biographical sketch, with affiliations, telephone and e-mail address.

Language should be accessible to a broad audience including young people.

Please use Times New Roman 12 point font, and leave 1-inch margins all around.

Please submit as a word document (.doc, not .docx) or as a PDF file

Please send your submission to us electronically at [email protected].

Inquiries about the Taskforce’s Occasional Papers Series or other related questions may be directed to Melissa Spatz at [email protected].