Kathleen Hanna interviewed

Former riot grrrl Kathleen Hanna is suddenly everywhere again (and very welcome she is too!) Her band Bikini Kill started an archive of stories about what their shows were like, and Hanna has donated her riot grrl archive and correspondence to a university library in the US.

She’s also been interviewed on GRITtv (summarised with some quotes over at Jezebel):

As Red Chidgey said at the transnational feminist Grassroots Feminism project:

Hanna and her co-conspirators over the years have contributed massively to an underground challenge to male dominance in women’s everyday lives. Riot Grrrl was not just a North American thing but has been picked up across Europe, Down Under, in Latin America, South Africa, Malaysia and the Phillipines. Whilst its power as a subculture fuelled by sounds and fanzines have diminished over the years- as is only right for a healthy, self-generating feminist counter culture- its legacies are still incrediby powerful and shape many punk rock feminist dreams still.

(Earlier this month The F-Word also published Heather’s article revisiting the impact of riot grrrl.)