Pink Boys

Laura posted a while ago about the Pink Stinks campaign, looking at the importance of girls having real role models. Amongst other things, they look at the widening chasm between girls’ things and boys’ things nowadays, like toys and clothes.

In any toy shop or kids’ clothing shop, everything is so very, very gendered, particularly with regards to blueness and pinkness.

In the comments to Laura’s post, some really ridiculous examples came out. Gadgetgal talked about seeing different fish tanks for girls and boys, and Troon about scrabble for girls. There are also pink Pritt Sticks because a girl, presumably, couldn’t possibly use a neutrally coloured one.

These things reinforce, right from the beginning, that girls and boys are somehow entirely different species, and that the two can not cross over in any way. So I was heartened to be pointed to this blog post from Mistress Mom, entitled Why Is Your Son Wearing Pink?.

There are a series of clever, funny and insightful potential responses to that question, two of my favourites being,

“Because we’re raising him to not care about the opinions of people who are so ignorant and short-sighted that they’d make fun of a five-month old boy for wearing a pink shirt.”


“Because even if pink is for girls, what’s wrong with being (like) a girl?”

Head over there and check them out, especially if you know young boys who like things that society declares to be ‘girlie’.

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