Say NO to nuclear weapons

woman sits by banner reading bombs are for bulliesIf you’re disgusted by the government’s decision to spend billions and billions of pounds producing more weapons and instruments of mass murder you might like to join the women’s contingent at The Big Blockade, Aldermaston on Monday 15th February:

The plan is to impede work on the UK’s planned new warhead for the Trident nuclear missile system by closing down all seven gates of the Atomic Weapons Establishment Aldermaston simultaneously. As women, our plan is to close, for as long as we can, one of the gates of AWE. Known as the ‘Home Office Gate’, it is one of two entrances used by 50% of Aldermaston’s workers. Other gates will be blockaded by groups of men and women from Scotland, Wales, England and other countries; by students, cyclists and ‘faith’ groups.


We decided that Women’s Gate messages will express our feminist critique of nuclear weapons and the militaries that deploy them, of the UK government’s irrational notion of ‘security’, and of NATO with its ever-growing, nuclear-tipped ambitions. We want to contrast this with the lack of government support for women suffering violence – whether it’s cuts in funding for rape crisis centres, or the lack of funds for women’s refuges, or the ever declining conviction rate for rape. We want to let the government know what we mean by security. As women we’ll refuse violence in every aspect of our lives, from home to street, from nation to the international arena. Let’s say no to violence – whether from fists, boots and knives, or from guns and fighter jets – and a resounding NO to nuclear weapons.

All the details are available on the Facebook page (you don’t need a Facebook account to view it).