Calling feminists in Yorkshire …

We received this from the HOPE not hate campaign:

“To mark International Women’s Day the HOPE not hate campaign is taking to the streets of Yorkshire on Saturday 6 March to explain why the BNP is not the party for women. We have produced a special leaflet outlining what the BNP think about women, their roles in the home and at work and how their racist and divisive policies tear communities apart.

Research shows that women are much less likely to vote BNP than men. That is why it is so important that we encourage women to go to the polls. The more women who vote in the forthcoming elections the more likely it is we can beat the BNP.

The upcoming local elections are of real local importance here in Yorkshire. It’s bad enough that Andrew Brons is an MEP here – we need to make sure that the BNP don’t build on this momentum”.

For more on the planned events in Yorkshire this weekend, see HOPE not hate’s Event Finder.