Calling het couples who want a civil partnership!

Katherine Doyle and Tom Freeman, the couple who are aiming to make civil partnerships available to heterosexual couples, are looking for co-appellants to bring their case before the European Court of Human Rights:

We have got some gay couples on board and are now focussing on finding two more straight couples. They will need to have been together preferably for at least three years and be in no danger of splitting up. They need to be unmarried and to want to have a civil partnership instead. They need to be willing to commit to the legal case for at least five years, which is the length of time it can take to complete an appeal to the European Court of Human Rights. They need to be in or near London, feel comfortable talking to the media, and have no skeletons in their closet.

If you’re interested, please email Tom: thomascolinfreeman[at]