David Cameron on gay rights – oops!

Update: Here is the link to a transcript for the first video interview with David Cameron by the Gay Times. And here is the link to a transcript for the second video which is the Channel 4 piece on the Gay Times interview.

This video really speaks for itself, but for those who can’t view it or want a taster before clicking on it, the short version is this:

  • Conservative MEPs vote questionably on a key gay rights motion at the EU Parliament
  • David Cameron, in an interview with the Gay Times about the vote, gaffes, saying that, “I try to have free votes where possible on these sorts of issues. Sorry it’s not a very good answer. I’ll have to go and look at this particular vote in the European parliament.”
  • Martin Popplewell challenges Cameron about the idea that upholding equality should be left to a ‘free vote’, saying “You want us to vote for you. If we vote for you – we want you to vote for us.”
  • Cameron responds: “I do, I do. Do you know – can we stop for a second?” and seeks to end the – going very badly indeed – interview.

Channel 4 then did a follow up interview with David Cameron, which you can view below, presumably so he could ‘clarify’ the situation. It is really damning and only just over six minutes. Really worth the view!

The final effect? David Cameron does not come out (pun!) looking like there’s anything real about his (or his Party’s) so-claimed commitment to gay rights.

The Party has changed…. And there won’t be any turning back. So I understand the concern, but I think the change that’s happened is real, lasting and irreversible.

Erm. Or not?

h/t: Martin Hearson