Introducing one of our guest bloggers for March: Amy Clare

Now that we are into March, it’s sadly time to say goodbye to our excellent guest bloggers for February, Jolene and Joanna. However, that also means we have new talent during March, one of whom will shortly be posting her first entry for her stint. I’ll hand over to Amy for her introduction:

My name is Amy Clare; I’ve written guest posts for The F Word before, and can regularly be seen on various comment threads. I’m a Northern, bisexual lass who lives with an invisible disability; I’m also an atheist, a vegan and a leftie. I’ve been a feminist for as long as I can remember (mainly thanks to my mum, who volunteered for Women’s Aid when I was little!), and I almost always have something to say about most subjects (some might call me opinionated, I couldn’t possibly comment)! I hope to write about a range of issues, and am very much looking forward to this opportunity to rant about whatever is getting my restless and somewhat overactive goat.

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