Mini feminist victory for Pink Stinks!

Well done to the Pink Stinks! campaigners for persuading Sainsbury’s to stop the gendered labelling of their kids dressing up clothes. Doctors’ outfits are currently labelled specifically for boys, while nurses’ uniforms are for girls. Pilots, superheros and soldier kits were labelled “boy”.

Sainsbury’s customer director, Gwyn Burr, told Pinkstinks: “It isn’t acceptable to suggest certain professions are the reserve of any gender. This is an error and one I am seeking to address ASAP. The new labels which will be non-gender specific will go on the next allocation of clothing, so will be in store from July.”

Aside from the gender stereotyping, I’d suggest soldier outfits are inappropriate for children fullstop, but the marketing of warfare to kids – from toys to Army careers officers in schools – and the cultural glamorisation of imperialist murder is another issue.

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