A mini round-up

On the news that Tory party leader David Cameron supports cutting the time limit on abortion, Liberal Conspiracy have posted a thorough breakdown of the numbers, and what a swing towards the Tories could do for women’s abortion access in this country.

Prymface is a new site challenging stereotypes about young mums (the name stands for Promoting Respect for Young Mothers).

A Reclaim the Night is scheduled in Manchester for 23 April – details on womensgrid – all genders welcome.

In preparation for the US census, Sociological Images looks at constructions of race in some different censuses around the world.

This moment in parenting has been making the rounds already, but in case you’ve not seen it already:

As Liza at Bitch Magazine said:

It is incredibly sad and funny, and shows in such a chilling way how even the most well-intentioned adults force gender roles upon kids.

Another video prompting a lot of interesting discussion has been Erykah Badu’s powerful Window Seat (H/T @CampbellX).

What Tami Said has a very much worth reading review of the video, but also links up this transcript of one parent’s conversation with their five year old child about the video, which is a must read.

A Berlin film-maker is looking for queer, fat performers for a feature length documentary project:

As well as having a strong respect for all fat and queer embodied performers, I am also very interested in the particular nuances of fat activism and queerness via publicly physical outlets; the merging of the personal and the political, the theory and the practice, the cerebral processing and the physical acting out. I want to find out how individual performers interpret their queer fat activism and how they embody this through their performance. If we experience fat oppression as sited on the body, what paths to liberation have we created for ourselves using our bodies? And as Queers, how is our sexuality present?

More info at Obesity Timebomb.

Sonya at lip magazine considers the hatred of women’s bodies which manifests itself in fashion policing of the “tights are not pants” variety. Listing some of the objections to tights as pants:

– It’s sloppy!

– It’s indecent!

– I can see your BITS!

– I can see your cellulite!

– I can see your underwear!

– I can see your body!

Notice how pretty much all of those deal with the body? A woman’s body?

Sloppy? To who?

What’s indecent? A woman’s body?

Blackamazon at Having read the fine print… posts about research showing that the median wealth of a single black woman in the US is $5, particularly in context of a ‘price of entry’ to activism:

It costs at least $10 dollars to join NOW with the actual standard price being $35 dollars.

Seven times the median wealth of a black woman in the USA.

Grassroots Feminism has posted a history of Austrian feminist magazine from the 1980s, Eva & Co (note I haven’t had time to read it all yet myself, but it looks interesting from the beginning).

No word on a UK release date yet, but I managed to see The Runaways (directed by Floria Sigismondi) last week when I was in San Francisco, and it’s awesome, so I couldn’t resist linking the trailer once again.

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