Could you be The F-Word’s first picture researcher/editor?

We are in the middle of redesigning The F-Word (more exciting info on this very soon!). Images and photos are going to become a lot more important for The F-Word ‘magazine’ section – our features and reviews. At the moment, many of our features are not illustrated at all, purely because of a lack of hours in the day!

And so we are looking for a picture researcher/editor to take on this job in a more concerted way than I can. Everyone at The F-Word volunteers, and the picture editor/researcher will be expected to share their skills and time for free too.

Because The F-Word cannot pay for images/photos, the role will involve:

  • working with me and the contributors to creatively illustrate the features and reviews that we publish (approaching this from an intersectional feminist perspective, recognising the potent role that images and photography can play in reinforcing – and also disrupting – ablism, heterosexism, sexism, racism and other oppressions)
  • finding images which are under Creative Commons copyright, or are otherwise in the public domain
  • approaching copyright owners to see if they will let us use their images for free
  • commissioning original illustrations from artists and designers

The main work for the pictures researcher/editor will be to source images for one to three features a week, with a lead time of around four weeks in most cases. I estimate the role should not take more than two or three hours a week, although additional time may be needed at first as you settle in and as we move over to our new site design.

To apply, please email me at [email protected], with the subject line “picture editor” and a brief message about why you’d like to take on this role and a little bit of information about yourself. Also, please select a feature on the site and briefly suggest some ideas for illustrations. This is a volunteer role, you don’t need loads of experience, just lots of enthusiasm :-) Application deadline is 1 May.

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