“We Need the Women Back at Work”

David Cameron’s tax break for married couples idea is pushing the idea that it’s better for one parent to stay at home full-time to look after the kids (hm, I wonder which parent that would be?).

This of course, ignores the diverse nature of modern families (if you agree, check out the Don’t Judge My Family campaign).

But we’re probably going to experience quite a lot more of the old “well all our problems would be fixed if women didn’t work” argument over the next few years, what with the recession and all that. And of course, people will ignore the fact that women have always had to work and it was only ever the privileged few who had the choice to opt into the 1950s housewife stereotype.

So I thought it was timely to post up this interesting advertisement from 1947 Wife and Home magazine to remind us just exactly how things change. How soon before we see adverts telling us ‘we need the women back at home’?

We NEED the women back at work again


We can’t get on without the women

And that means YOU…

We can’t win back prosperity without the women’s help. Our manpower is not sufficient. Britain is up against it. Try and free yourself for work, whole-time or part-time. In the next big effort, you can be one of the women who turn the tide of recovery.

Help to make the goods we want – Join your friends at work – Put more money in your bag

There are vacancies in important industries in most districts – Go, phone or write to your nearest ministry of labour office.

We NEED the women back at work again.

Photo by me