Dire Dyer and the Zoo advice column

askdanny.gifThe Danny Dyer advice column controversy is still ongoing, as Dyer and Zoo Magazine are squabbling over who can distance themselves fastest from an ‘Ask Danny’ segment which saw Dyer advise ‘jokingly’ that a reader should “cut your ex’s face, and then no one will want her”.

Zoo Magazine contended that it was down to a “production error”, Dyer claimed in the Sun he was “misquoted”. Zoo contends it was an accurate quote. And meanwhile Alex Woolliscroft, the letter-writer who Dyer was replying to, is also seeking an apology.

Zoo has promised to make a “substantial” donation to Women’s Aid, has cancelled the Dyer column and promised to use that space in the next issue to draw attention to the issue of violence against women.

In some ways this is refreshing, but, as Kira Cochrane pointed out, concern over this one column should not obscure the fact it was not particularly out of place in the pages of Zoo. For example:

And on a page entitled: “The 21 Funniest Jokes of the Week” – an unequivocal heading there – is a gag that echoes Dyer’s comment. “My ex came round last night,” it reads. “She was crying, so I told her to keep her chin up. It made it a lot easier to get the noose on.”

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