Welcome to May’s guest bloggers!

I’m pleased to introduce our guest bloggers for this month: Alicia, and Lucy Inmonger.

First up is Alicia:

Alicia is a postgraduate student at the School of Oriental and African Studies in London and has been blogging for about two years. She writes for the popular Muslimah Media Watch and is part of the Feminist Review Blog Editorial Collective. Her research interests reflect her blogging topics – contemporary Islamic culture, Indonesian and Malaysian popular culture, race and racism, and of course everything feminism has to offer. When she’s trying to stay away from work, she’s a passionate cook and watches way too many cooking shows on TV!

Next, we have Lucy Inmonger:

Lucy is 22 and studying a master’s in Public Policy and Ageing Populations. She is writing her dissertation on young feminists’ perception of older women. She has a degree in History where she specialised in gender and medieval history. She is from Lancashire but has lived in London for the last 5 years and spent one year working in Paris.

Welcome, Alicia and Lucy! And a big thank you to Shiha Kaur and the Education for Choice women (Barbara, Jennifer, Kate & Lisa) for their guest blogging in April.