Party for Ladyfest Ten

Feminist party organisers Girl Germs are hosting a fundraiser to support Ladyfest Ten:


They explain:

The thing is, in order to put on the greatest Ladyfest the world has ever seen, we need to raise some money. This Girl Germs is a Ladyfest Ten fundraiser, with all proceeds going towards putting on an incredible weekend of events this Autumn.



We’re so excited to have Wetdog playing Girl Germs. They’ve been super busy recording albums and touring with some of our other favourite bands. We didn’t want their set at Goldsmiths Ladyfest to ever end, we’re sure it’ll be the same at our Ladyfest Ten fundraiser!


Peepholes are noisy and amazing. All echoing vocals and crunchy keyboards. When we heard ‘Ladder’ from their 12″, Lair, we fell in love. We can’t wait to see them live!


Our favourite record-spinning ladies, Dance Magic Dance.

Our friend and Vampire Sushi distro honcho, Tukru (AKA Kissakerho).

Us!! The Girl Germs Girls!!





£4/£3 with flyer

And here’s a little Girl Germs bio:

Girls Germs is a grrrl-tastic night of music, zines, cakes and dancing. We’ll be playing le tigre, Bratmobile, Sleater-Kinney, The Slits, The Kills, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Bikini Kill, M.I.A. and plenty of other amazing tunes by amazing grrrls. It’s a celebration of women’s creativity, proof that girls making music is more than just a faddy trend.

More importantly, though Girl Germs is a grrrl-safe zone where we won’t have to listen to degrading song lyrics. Girl Germs was partly born out of frustration; we were sick of having to dance to songs all about male-angst, or that referred to women only as objects to be abused or put up on pedestal. We wanted to throw ourselves about to music that related our experiences, made by women who are like us. We know there are other women in London who feel the way we do but they’re hard to find. We’ve started Girl Germs in the hope that we’ll meet you, collaborate with you and dance with you. And eat some cake with you.