Bent Bars Project: New venue needed for Letter Writing nights

Via the Bent Bars Project:

We are still looking for a new space to hold Bent Bars Letter Writing Nights. The location we used last month was fantastic, but unfortunately it’s just out of our budget to keep on a monthly basis (as we currently have no regular source of funding). So if anyone has suggestions for free (or very cheap!) wheelchair accessible places where we can hold future meetings, please get in touch.

The Bent Bars Project is a letter-writing project for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, transsexual, gender-variant, intersex, and queer prisoners in Britain. The project aims to develop stronger connections and build solidarity between LGBTQI communities outside and inside prison walls.

The next letter-writing night will be on Thursday, 16 September at a venue in London to be confirmed – see the website for details or email [email protected] for further information, or if you know of a venue that may be suitable for the group.