It’s A Level results day!

It’s a really big day for lots of teenagers as they get their A Level results today, and I hope all our readers got what they were hoping for this morning (or next week, if you’re awaiting GCSE results).

We can probably expect to see some articles over the week day or two observing the phenomenon of girls doing better than boys in most subjects at A Level and GCSE. If we’re super lucky, we might even get some blaming feminism for this. Examples of the genre from previous years include this, this, this and this.

Whilst I have no argument with raising school standards for all students, and I’d really rather everyone did as well as they possibly could, the ‘what about teh menz’ tone of these articles tends to chap my hide. Because I’m fantastically lazy, though, I’m going to go ahead and link straight back to a post I wrote on the subject back in 2005.

why do we persist in considering female achievement purely through a male lens? Not “isn’t it great that girls do well at school; how can we ensure those achievements are locked in for the rest of their lives?”, but “look how awful it is for boys that girls outperform them; how can we fix this?” […] The reality is that until women’s achievements in school allow them to gain the positions they deserve in life outside academia, feminism has not gone far enough.