No, feminism did not ‘kill’ the art of home cooking


To answer the Daily Mail’s facetious question, no, feminism did not kill the art of home cooking.

Nor did feminists cause “an epidemic of childhood obesity”, as Rose Prince argues, by encouraging women to abandon the production of “feminine food” (whatever that is!)

For a longer and more thought-out response, please check out Jessica Reed’s post on Comment is Free, which debunks the premise and conclusions of Prince’s article.

If you want families to eat well, give them better access to quality produce, give them more time in a very hectic schedule, and bring back home economics at school – for both genders.

Jessica also asked her male followers on Twitter if they cook and who taught them, and includes an interesting selection of the responses.

Image shows the covers of thee books: the Bloodroot collective’s first feminist vegetarian cook book, Sistah Vegan, which addresses the “the racialised-sexualised-gendered vegan experience in the USA”, and Lisa Jervis’ Cook Food

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