A day in a life that means nothing to Cameron and his cronies

Like many of you, no doubt, I’ve spent the past week screaming at the TV. This country is run by people who would rather stamp in the faces of those who are already at the bottom of the social pecking order than challenge the incredible privilege of the wealthy elite at the top. Not surprising, really, when they themselves – and their families, their friends, the people who helped get them into power and the people who will help keep them there – also belong to that elite. Indeed, the very reason many of them sought political power in the first place was to protect the interests of this elite.

But despite this knowledge I still cannot comprehend how anyone can care so very, very little about those who are less fortunate than themselves. And how – on top of that – they can simply lie, and lie, and lie again about the real implications of the cuts, the real reasons behind them, and the real people whose lives they are about to make much, much harder. The cuts to benefits and services will hit the poor hard, poor women and their children even harder, and disabled women (who are twice as likely to live in poverty) hardest.

Above is a tweeted day in the life of @TaobhCle, just one of the many disabled women whom David Cameron and his buddies are gleefully tossing aside in their ideological pursuit of a smaller state. (And, it must be said, whom the Labour government also happily targeted with their crude assessments for Employment Support Allowance earlier this year.) I will be urging my MP to watch it, and to listen to the voices of the thousands of people across the country who are not scroungers, or cheats, or lazy good-for-nothings, but human beings who any decent person should be happy to support in whatever way they can.