Feminism in London tickets selling fast


Just a quick service announcement: if you’re wanting to buy tickets for Feminism in London 2010, you may want to get on that. Around 930 out of 1,000 tickets available have sold already for the 23 October event, with less than a fortnight to go.

See the programme here, which includes

  • a ‘feminist primer’ introductory-style workshop by Heidi Safia Mirza, editor of the landmark book Black British Feminism,
  • a workshop/discussion on the issue of whether violence against women should be classified as a hate crime, which will include the former Solicitor General Vera Baird,
  • a plenary panel on ‘Reports from the global women’s movement’, which intends to “link feminist activism in the United Kingdom with our sister movements across the world in order to shift and broaden our gaze to configure the terrain of what consists of feminist and activist”,
  • a crèche (advanced booking is required) and workshops for older kids, as well as feminist parenting workshops,
  • and lots more.

There’s also an after-party, which will include a discussion with our own Catherine Redfern.