Radio 4 Analysis: Whatever Happened to the Sisterhood?

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On Monday Radio 4 aired a programme called Whatever Happened to the Sisterhood?, as part of its Analysis series.

You can listen again on the link above, or you can read the transcript.

I am quoted on it briefly along with several other women.

A few things struck me, listening to the finished programme:

  • The idea that feminists aren’t doing anything about the budget cuts, when we have the Fawcett Society’s budget challenge and events like Feminist Fightback’s Women at the Cutting Edge workshop on 30th October, not to mention all the feminist activists active in Unions and political groups fighting against cuts (feel free to mention more in the comments!).
  • The idea that physical protests / marches on the street are the only valid, or ‘true’ form of feminist activism
  • The idea that feminism on the internet isn’t a valid form of activism, or that feminists who use the internet to connect or organise aren’t active in ‘real life’ also
  • The idea that young women are not active in the movement and require “feminists of Professor McRobbie’s generation to come out of activist retirement, dust off their

    banners, and lead the younger generation out of internet forums and into the mainstream.”

So, what did you think?

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