Weekly Round-Up and Open Thread

Hello Dear F Word Readers,

Here’s this week’s list of news articles that we’ve not had time to blog about. As always, if anything interesting has caught your eye that we’ve missed out, share the wealth in the comments section.

Muslimah Media Watch has a piece on lesbianism in Indonesia and gay acceptance.

Australia bans Calvin Klein jeans advert for suggesting rape.

The awful story of a 23-year-old pregnant Pakistani woman burnt to death in the UK.

Blog post over at Bitch Media – Music Matters: There’s More Than One Way of Knowing -discussing Sarah Marcus and the Riot Grrl revolution.

UN claims women are the key to peace.

Podcast: Is Feminism Now a Man’s Best Friend on the Human Rights Europe blog.

BBC investigation revealed that two vicars were allowed to continue working at churches in East Sussex following sex abuse allegations.

Running in Heels, an interesting blog post on the pursuit of female equality on Unexpected Consequences.

Silence is a rhythm too – blog post on Bad Reputation about the death of Ari Up.

RIP Ari Up of the Slits.

Two suicide pact women found dead in Putney, London, may have been mistreated by the UK Police.

Things I Don’t Have to Think About Today – blog post over at Whatever on discrimination.

Lingerie made from recyled junk.

Blog over at Gender Across Borders about sex after rape.

Project Eugenics – blog piece over at Harpymarx about the Project Prevention scheme, whereaby drug addicts are offered cash incentives to be sterilised.

Rape, Titillation and Media – blog post over at Red Light Politics analysing the way in which the media reports rape.

Hope you all have a good week!