Weekly round up and open thread, October 4th

Hi everyone!

Happy Monday! These are just some of the news items relevant to the f word this week.

Queer fat researcher and activist Charlotte Cooper interviews Judy Freespirit (Obesity Timebomb)

Gamers battle Racism online (Racialicious)

The Lavender Screen, a Cardiff Lesbian and Bi Film Club. (The Lavender Screen)

Review of Claire Tomalin’s book on Mary Wollstonecraft (Nerves Strengthened with Tea)

All Boys School is not the Answer (Guardian)

Destiny Lauren’s murderer sentenced to 21 years in prison (Bird of Paradox)

Authors and readers rally to defend rape novel from school ban (Mohadas Ghandi)

DRC Exhiled rape victims seek help (Swissinfo)

Sexual force and reader consent in Romance Fiction (Dear Author)

80 memories and reflections on Ursula K Le Guin (Ambling Along the Aquaduct)

How to Fuck (Shakesville)

Women and the Nation, a short piece on Nigerian Feminism (Nigeria at 50)

Why I WILL have an abortion if I am pregnant with my rapist’s baby (Victim Status)

Violence and Blaming and “Look what you made me do!” (Effie)

Sylvia Plath’s ‘unstageable’ play Three Women is staged (Guardian)

If You don’t identify as a Feminist you’re Bad! (Yet Another Kiri Bloggish Thing)

Amanda Marcotte writes In Defense of the word “Creep” (Pandagon)

Laura Kidd from She Makes War chats with Viv Albertine of the Slits about the stuggles of being a woman musician and also the liberation of punk for women (Audioboo)

Warning! This is a violent article. 15 year old raped while waiting in court. She gets 12 months, he gets probation (The Raw Story)

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