We need you: to help us update our Resources


Hannah Mudge is taking on the tremendous task of updating our Resources section. In this post, she breaks down what the new Resources section will look like – and calls for your input in making it a useful and thorough compendium.

Hannah is a Cambridgeshire-based feminist who works in publishing by day and enjoys all things activism-related as well as running, reading and cooking. She blogs at We Mixed Our Drinks and tweets far too often as @boudledidge.

As part of The F-Word’s revamp, the site’s list of resources will be fully updated and revised. In the years since the resources pages were created, many new groups, sites and campaigns have sprung up – and sadly many others are no longer in existence. The F-Word hopes to provide a varied and accessible list of resources for feminists and that’s where you come in.

The new Resources section will be broken down into the following sub-headings:

  • Mailing lists and forums
  • Local and national feminist networks
  • Websites, organisations and charities (UK-based)
  • Websites, organisations and charities (International)
  • Campaigns
  • Blogs

If there’s a blog, group or campaign you think should be linked in the revamped Resources section, you can tell us about it by commenting on this post or contacting the collective directly via email. You could also make suggestions via The F-Word’s Facebook page or Tweet your recommendations @thefworduk. Letting us know about the places you’ve found helpful, the groups you’re a part of and the blogs you read will be a huge help to all The F-Word’s readers and will hopefully provide a wealth of information and ways to get connected into activism.

If your suggestions have a website, it would of course be most helpful to provide a link!

Image via Spell With Flickr, all Creative Commons images