Weekly round-up and open thread, 22nd November 2010

Welcome, one and all, to this week’s round-up thread. As always, this is a list of links we’ve spotted or been sent over the past seven days which may be of interest to you.

Without further ado…

Page 3 at 40 (Dr Petra)

MP bids farewell to blogging (Tom Harris MP)

Why we need intersectionality (The Rotund)

Doctor dismissed from adoption panel over views on same-sex couples (Leamington Courier)

The Havens’ survey on attitudes to rape

Blog on advertising and gender

Faith in service: what has gender got to do with it?

Suicide and depression on the rise across the UK (Independent)

Line-up for TEDWomen announced

Disabled girl a ‘health and safety risk’, says school

Over 1m unemployed women (Morning Star)

Musawah, an international movement promoting equality in the family through

Islamic principles has released a video of their latest outreach meeting

Vagisil military award led to journalistic kudos

Couple asks internet to vote on whether woman should have an abortion

It’s OK to execute people for being gay

Anti-rape campaign targets potential perpetrators, not victims (Edmonton Journal)

House of Lords gets 18 new female working peers

Feel free to use the comments facility as an open thread. Have a great week!

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