Weekly Round-Up and Open Thread

Weekly round up! Let us know if we missed anything in the comments!

Subway flasher picks the wrong woman to mess with (Jezebel)

This trend of young Muslim girls wearing the hijab is disturbing (Guardian)

Reteaching Gender & Sexuality is a message about queer youth action and resilience. The video was generated to contribute additional queer/trans youth voices to the national conversations about queer/trans youth lives. Reteaching Gender & Sexuality intends to steer the conversation beyond the symptom of bullying, to consider systemic issues and deeper beliefs about gender and sexuality that impact queer youth.”

“We’re going to have a system where the middle classes are discouraged from breeding because it’s jolly expensive. “But for those on benefits, there is every incentive. Well, that’s not very sensible.” Comment by Howard Flight, one of the new Tory peers, former MP, former deputy chair of the Conservative party. (BBC)

A woman is raped every 10 minutes; Government pledge up to £3.2million to improve and expand Sexual Assault Referral Centres.

Tickets on sale for raffle to support the Glasgow Women’s Library

Inside a Sexual Assault Referral Centre (Guardian)

Menstruating woman falls foul of airport scanner (Boing Boing)

George Osborne to be investigated by Equality Watchdog over cuts (Guardian)

Female boxing legend shot and stabbed – her husband and boxing trainer a suspect (Women Talk Sports)

Since when did rape become funny? (Liberal Conspiracy)

Sarah Palin’s Brand of “Feminism” More Popular With Men Than Women (AlterNet)

Feminists in Mainstream Pornography

“And they waste time debating make-up and boys”: Quotes from BBC Have your Say commenters on a thread about women and politics.

Feminist Coming Out Day

Gender dynamics in Hong Kong (Sociological Images)

Hello Kitty Foetus on Sale

Gender Part Nine – Feminist Travel tips by Kat Banyard (Compass)

The Daily Mail is shocked that girls were involved in student protests

Student video shows mounted police charge on student & child protesters ‘kettled’ in recent London protests (Guardian)

Reports on London’s Reclaim the Night from BicycleSlut

A couple of weeks behind, but I only just discovered it myself: Lisa Ansell’s brilliant speech at the Oxford Gender Equality Forum:

As part of a social policy designed to incentivise marriage, and tackle ‘worklessness’- the coalition have ensured that the ONLY way out of poverty that remains for mothers with young children is a romantic relationship. We are now expected to fuck our way out of poverty… This is an attack on the hardfought changes to traditional gender roles that have made our society better. It is an attack on ALL women, whether they choose to have children or notwhether they are married or not.

Laurie Penny on London’s Erotica festival (New Statesman)

Women Against Cuts – includes details of London protest on Tuesday 30 November

Since things have been a bit grim lately, and chatting to other feminists recently we’re all a bit worried and down. So I’m taking a tip from fellow F Worder Helen G and ending with a video to cheer us all up a bit:

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