A very quick note on Assange

Unfortunately I haven’t had the time to blog about or fully research the Assange case, but I do want to quickly say that:

1) Certain people on the Left need to realise that all kinds of men commit sexual assault against women, including groundbreaking political activists, and supporting WikiLeaks does not require an automatic defence of Assange’s alleged actions.

2) Sexual assault victims around the world are routinely disbelieved and fail to see their cases brought to court. This does not mean they are all liars. Nor does the possibility that powerful people with ulterior motives pushed the Swedish authorities into action in this particular case mean that the women in question are liars.

3) Naomi Wolf is categorically wrong when she refuses to accept that a man having sex with a woman while she is asleep is rape (trigger warning for description of sexual assault), and she does women a huge disservice by failing to accept the importance of active consent. She does not speak for this feminist.

Image by espenmoe, shared under a Creative Commons Licence.