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guest.jpgAbout this time last year we put out a call for guest bloggers to bring new voices and perspectives to the site.

We had a fantastic response and we loved having the guest bloggers (some of whom have gone on to become permanent members of TFW collective). Once again, a huge thank you to Joanna Whitehead, Jolene Tan, Josephine Tsui, Piyali Battycharya, Amy Clare, Shiha Kaur, Kate Gilbert and the Education for Choice team, Alicia, Lucy Inmonger, Naomi Mc, Quinn Capes-Ivy, Suswati Basu, and Becky Bolton.

We’d like to do the same again for 2011. Once again, we’re looking to add voices to the site that might have been under-represented in the past, or which we think are particularly relevant now. We’re especially interested in perspectives from from sex workers/prostitutes, older women, male feminists, feminist parents, kids and guardians, grandparents, and women of colour. Likewise, if you’ve ever looked at the blog and thought “I wish TFW would write more about X” then write and tell us that we should be talking about X and why you’re well placed to cover it. Or if there are perspectives you want to see but don’t necessarily want to write yourself, why not bring them up in the comments, below to encourage others to put themselves forward?

As Laura said last year, guest bloggers will be given support and guidance throughout. You don’t need to have blogging experience – we will provide a guide to blogging here – or have a perfect command of English; what you have to say is more important than being a fancy writer (though fancy writers are equally welcome!). You also won’t have to moderate your own comments – a member of the permanent collective will be your assigned ‘blogging buddy’ and will do that for you.

If you would like to guest blog for us, please send an email to lynne.miles[at] explaining why you’re interested and whether there are any particular issues you’d like to cover. Your comments will be passed on to the rest of the collective for discussion. We can’t promise a slot to everyone – it depends on how many people are interested and what their particular areas of interest are – but we may be able to offer you something in the future or a one-off guest post if we can’t offer a full stint this time round. If you emailed us last year and weren’t offered a guest slot, please feel free to email again!

Alternatively, if you would like to recommend another individual, please drop me an email telling us about them, with contact details if you have them.

Everyone is still very welcome to submit features, reviews and one-off guest blog posts to The F Word as normal, please see here for more details.

Picture by Express Monorail, shared under a Creative Commons license

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