New review – Woman’s Work: Short Stories

Hayley Foster da Silva reviews this wide-ranging collection of short stories by women

wwcover.jpgWoman’s Work: Short Stories is an anthology with one common theme: all 40 of the short stories are written by women.

Published by independent GirlChild Press and edited by its founder, Michelle Sewell, the subject matter of the anthology ranges widely,from serious stories about topics like rape and child abuse, to stories about liberation and even fantasy figures like fairies.

As this was quite a mixed collection of stories, there will probably be a story to suit everyone in this anthology. One of my personal favourites was ‘How Harumi Became a Punk Rocker’, a tale about a young girl who is very talented at playing the violin, and is pushed harder and harder to be an amazing performer. I won’t give away the ending but it is a beautiful sweet story about female liberation and freedom that lifted my spirit.

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