NUS Protest outside Lynne Featherstone’s office 8th December


We’ve just had an email from Olivia Bailey, the NUS national women’s officer, calling for women to protest outside the office of the Lib Dem Minister for Women and Equalities. This will be one action as part of their wider National Day of Action protesting the increase in tuition fees (for more information on the rest of their actions, see here).

Olivia says:

Any increase in fees will hit women hardest – because it will take women longer to pay back their loan due to the gender pay gap, and because interest payments accrued over time mean that women will pay more for their degree. Any increase in fees will shut the door to education for thousands of women.

The NUS Women’s Campaign is calling for women students, and feminist activists, from across the country to gather outside Lynne Featherstone’s constituency office, dressed as Suffragettes and Suffragists to give her a simple message:

Women before us fought for our right to vote and fought for our right to education – we will not let you price women out of education.

Those wanting to join the action should meet at 11am on the 8th December, outside Lynne Featherstone’s Office near Crouch End, 62 High Street, London, N8 7NX. Come with whistles, banners, Sashes, Suffragette colours (Purple, Green, White) and Suffragist colours (Green, Red, White).

See these briefings for more information on the impact of cuts and higher fees on women students and for ideas for banner slogans and email Olivia to let her know if you’re coming, especially if you’re bringing a group, so she can get an idea of numbers.