Stop the Blame campaign

The Welsh Assembly Government has started a Stop Blame campaign to bust myths around rape and sexual assault.

In a Press Release issued today (17 December) Paula Hardy, Chief Executive of Welsh Women’s Aid, said:

“A woman is never responsible for being raped or sexually assaulted, but a culture of victim-blaming is still prevalent within our society – including with jurors, as noted by the DPP yesterday. If we want to break the cycle that ends up in a third of women being raped or sexually assaulted at some point during their lives, it is vital that we challenge these damaging attitudes, support victims to rebuild their lives, and place blame firmly back where it belongs – with the perpetrator.”

The campaign challenges prevalent myths about rape and negative attitudes towards women, including that a woman can be “asking for it” or responsible for being raped if she had been drinking, wearing revealing clothing, or acting flirtatiously.

The Welsh Assembly Government has produced a video to accompany the campaign which, although approaching the subject sensitively, may still be disturbing or triggering to some people. The YouTube link is here but please approach it with caution if you are likely to find the subject matter upsetting in any way.

For more information on the campaign, visit

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