Weekly Round Up and Open Thread

Welcome to this week’s Weekly Round Up and Open Thread!

Support service for LGBT asylum seekers set up in Scotland

Season 1 of Vag Magazine wraps up – the cupcakes!

The Other F-Word: The Disappearance of Feminism from Our Fiction

Erasure of women in the games industry

Taking the Buffy idea to the next level?

Forty years after the first Disability Discrimination Act was introduced, disabled people still face discrimination

Boss in Norway requires menstruating employees to wear red bracelets.

The vagina dialogues

The Liberal Democrats’ Latest U-Turn: Equal Pay

5 reasons why sex worker’s rights matter for all of us

Is this a joke? Or is it real? I have no idea, but it’s ‘Vulva Original: Scent of a Vagina’

Hedy Lamarr was an actor, a star and an inventor. Slightly annoying headline, interesting story

Anarchism vs. feminism?

Where Are the Women in Chanukah?

Sexting teens being prosecuted for making child pornography

Education for Choice desperately seeking funds

Internet jokester strikes again

And if you are bored of the X Factor and want to show it here’s the way The twitter feed is also worth a look.

As always feel free to post anything that has caught your eye or you think other feminists need to know about.

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