Weekly round-up and open thread, January 17th

Welcome to your weekly dose of links we’ve collected but haven’t got round to blogging. As ever, a link does not constitute a seal of F-Word approval for its content, and we cannot guarantee that the articles and any subsequent comments threads will be free of material that some readers may find triggering. Feel free to have at ’em in comments, and add your own stories of the week.

Facebook still isn’t sure whether or not breastfeeding is obscene (hint: it ain’t).

Hannah Mudge debates digital equality at NetrootsUK.

In defence of single mothers (No Comment).

Lebanon’s first female electrician?

Catch the latest production of A Doll’s House in London until February 5 (watch out for the inevitable “it’s not THAT kind of feminist” reference in the review, sigh).

Congratulations to former Countryfile presenter Miriam O’Reilly, who won her ageism claim against the BBC. Her sex discrimination claim failed, but methinks this is a clear case of double discrimination – the ageism and sexism go hand in hand.

Fertile Fem reveals her former classmates’ depressing views on gender.

First-person testimonies of sexual harassment in Korean workplaces.

Women’s Grid has a list of women who received new year’s honours for supporting other women.

Ireland considers the Swedish model on sex work/prostitution.

Scottish women’s organisations have been spared funding cuts. But in less pleasant news, more than 1000 sex crime cases have been dropped in north and north-east Scotland alone since 2005.

Feministing: How to respectfully disagree with Naomi Wolf.

Reapproaching consent in a long-term relationship (Millicent and Carla Fran).

Taking on the “science” of sex differences: the mental rotation test (Echidne of the Snakes).

Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto explains girls (blergh). And yet more sexism in the games industry here.

American Apparel continues to plaster its adverts with sexualised images of young women (yawn), but at least one of the latest ones has some vaguely-noticeable armpit stubble, much to the Daily Mail’s horror.

Johann Hari interviews misogynist extraordinaire Kenneth Tong. For non-tweeters like myself who missed the drama, Tong is a former Big Borther contestant who recently won tens of thousands of followers on Twitter by tweeting hateful pro-anorexia messages.

An imaginary feminist museum.

Suzanne Moore pulls out some (mostly) straw feminists and gets the commenters frothing at the mouth over at CiF: All this polite and smiley feminism is getting us nowhere.

The Hearing Trumpet: Surrealism, Feminism and Old Lady Revolt (Bad Reputation).

Muslimah Media Watch reviews an exhibition examining the contradictory relationship between Middle Eastern women and Western society.

The irony of this piece being published in the Daily (hate) Mail seems to have escaped the author and editors. Perhaps it’s time for

Kitten Block: a Firefox extension that replaces the Daily Mail and Daily Express websites with kittens and tea.

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