What would cave woman do?

Oh how dull. Yet another commentator rolling out the “women are evolutionarylarily programmed not to have casual sex and that’s why we all secretly hate it so much” meme.

Ever stopped to wonder, Maura, before you cite your evo-pysh-led studies as evidence for your claims, whether all this harping on about “women behaving like men” and denying their deeply entrenched biological instincts – not to mention your equally worn assertion that women need to retain our “value” in the “sexual marketplace” – might have a wee something to do with female survey respondents saying they feel like they’ve “let themselves down” by having a one-night stand?

Or that not all women are even interested in having sex with men anyway?

No, didn’t think so.

Moving on…

Image by Micah Taylor, shared under a Creative Commons licence.

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