Women’s History Month

UPDATE: Chitra from WHM asked me to add: “WHM is a collaborative project and we’re looking for women to get involved in many ways: researching and writing for our website, writing lesson plans, contributing to our reading list, suggesting links to other similar organisations, organising events and joining the committee!” Get in touch with them at [email protected]

WHM.jpgMarch is Women’s History Month. Even though that’s two months away, the pre-launch event for an organisation – also called Women’s History Month is taking place next week in London, with the aim of revitalising the annual event.

So I feel justified in pointing you to their fabulous website, which is packed full of interesting stuff already.

Sure, you can check out the events page to see some of the stuff already scheduled for March, but also check out:

It’s great to see a fresh effort to put the spotlight on women in history.

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