Wanted: review editors for The F-Word

Can you imagine yourself as The F-Word’s film editor, books editor, art editor, theatre editor, games editor or TV editor? The F-Word is seeking a number of volunteers to take over editing our reviews section: read on for more information about the role/s and a guide on how to apply.

Why expand the editorial team? To make The F-Word sustainable in the long term and to do justice to our mission to provide a platform for UK feminisms as our 10-year birthday approaches, I feel that the editorial team needs to expand.

What the reviews section will look like will be shaped by our new review editor/s, with the following mission in mind: a greater diversity in what we are reviewing. I want to see more film reviews, more game reviews, more TV reviews, more music reviews (especially from genres less well represented on the site). More reviews of different types of events and shows, especially those taking place outside London.

This job ideally needs more than one person to do it well. I am envisaging that there will be either a small group of review editors, or the role will be split up, with a dedicated books editor, music editor, film editor, games editor, art editor, etc (or one person could be film and games editor, for example), or some combination that suits the volunteers that come forward. Please specify which role you are most interested in when you apply: this should be something you are properly passionate about, given this is a volunteer role which will absorb some time and energy. At present a maximum of six reviews are posted on the site each month, however this should increase once the reviews team takes over.

What the roles will involve:

  • managing the email list for regular F-Word reviewers
  • sourcing ideas for books/movies/music/games/plays/art shows/performances/other things to review.
  • contacting PRs and publicists on behalf of reviewers, to get review copies/press tickets/etc
  • assigning reviews, seeking out a broader range of contributors
  • dealing with reviews that come in through the submissions pile
  • editing reviews (prior experience as an editor/subeditor/proofreader will be a distinct advantage, particularly experience of working with a set style guide)
  • posting reviews (familiarity with blogging platforms is an advantage here, as is very basic HTML)
  • an online meeting with me once a month to plan which features and reviews we will run
  • occasionally writing reviews yourself (this is optional)
  • helping with comment moderation of the reviews (note: it is very unusual for reviews to get a lot of comments, so this is not a major part of the role)

You must be:

  • enthusiastic about this role and the opportunities to develop The F-Word’s reviews section. It is a volunteer position, so some time, energy and regular internet access is required
  • ideally have some editing experience, as you will be working with submissions from an extremely broad range of contributors: some who have never written for publication before, while others are experienced journalists. Submissions need to be given a critical edit, making sensitive suggestions to the author and offering some guidance where needed. Submissions must also be edited in line with our style guide, so some experience in working with a house style is an advantage.

To apply: please email me ([email protected]) with a brief message setting out: why you want to take on the role, any prior experience and also which role you’re interested in (games editor, film editor, etc). Please also briefly explain how you would like to see The F-Word’s review section develop.

I am also taking the unusual step of asking for two references: although this is a break from how we have sought out volunteers previously at The F-Word, the reviews editor/s will need to have access to and maintain our database of reviewers, which includes sensitive information such as the full names and addresses of contributors. For that reason, this additional step is needed for those who are going to be dealing with this confidential data (particularly for those writing about sensitive issues under pseudonyms). Please include the contact details of two references – feel free to email me if you have questions on who would be a suitable reference, this doesn’t necessarily have to be a work-type reference.

Applicants should be based in the UK. The current editorial team and collective are majority white, middle class, and benefit from various other types of privilege, and I want to encourage applications from all backgrounds, particularly those not so well represented at the moment.

The deadline for applications is 10 March.